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love like a poison

kyra:- i don't want you fiesong:- why baby but i want you ever you're my wife lets make a baby just like you and me. kyra beautiful and pure girl and song didn't when he was fall for her and want her everything he was demons tyrant and successful businessman everything he have but kyra his breath

lostsoulmate · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Wei An Work Life

Wei An has always dream of working in a hotel line, servicing guest and making people happy. Whenever she watch hotel related drama, she wished that she could be one of them too! Now, she finally lands herself to her very first full time job and it is as a hotel front desk! Will it be the same as she envision it to be? Or she will regret and finally realize that anything happens in drama, stays in drama? Leading a new life, Wei An decides to change her name. Let’s join Wei An as she uncovers the truth of a hotel industry. //This is a sequel from Wei An’s collection//

Yeonra · Teen
Not enough ratings