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Altering my Destiny

******* Asteria Winterbloom is a normal hunter. The most common and average hunter, a person could be. She’s a demon hunter. In a universe full of magic, she surprisingly does not use any magic. She loathes the thought of magic and demons because her parents were killed by demons when she was young. She then became a hunter and killed every wild demon that blocked her path, and became famous for it. With the skill so sharp and precise, people were surprised she is so young and is a FEMALE? With that in mind, she started the path of avenging her parents. After 300 years of trying to avenge her parents, she crossed path with her soulmate. Unexpectedly, he is the demon lord, the leader of the race that she despises all her life. Surprisingly, rumours about this demon lord is false. He isn’t cold blooded and bloodthirsty ( well that’s only in her perspective). Whenever he sees her, he turns into a happy golden retriever! He constantly chases after her, and along the way she unraveled some secrets. Is her parents alive? Is this demon lord related to any of this? Why is she so good at magic? Why is she changing her mind? ******* Hi, it’s the author of this book. Please feel free to comment what you think about this novel. Even if its bad, I will accept it wholeheartedly and will try to improve my writing. Thank you and ENJOY!

Yumeko270 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings