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Chasing Storms

In which first-year law student Laurie Dos Santos goes into a series of roadtrips with Isaiah Carson Ramirez, a med student who only has a couple of weeks before they go seperate ways. Seasons of Dating Series 1 Written in Taglish. Copyright 2020 by idrafts

idrafts · Teen
Not enough ratings

Life is Strange: After The Storm

After sacrificing Arcadia Bay, Max and Chloe went to Seattle to live with her parents. A year passes and they both have been accepted into San Jose University. Together, they take her truck and begin their way across the country in this coming of age fanfic with heartwarming and equally heartbreaking moments. -Updates every Mon/Tues midday PST. New chapters coming Nov 9th.

certshot · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Till Next Time

Brooklyn Baxter is rich. The world is his oyster but he is trapped inside the shells of his own mind. But rich kids do not get sad. After getting transferred from yet another school, he is forced into Behavioural Modification as a part of a deal where he meets Anastasia Collins. On scholarship. On Behavioural Mod. And on a wheelchair. When a mutual friend dies of suicide due to bullying, his family slowly seems to steadily fall apart. As the ghosts of the past threaten to come back and haunt, Brooklyn turns to Anastasia for a runaway. Because in togetherness, there is peace. And in solidarity, there is hope. They embark on a life-changing road trip.

thewildchild · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings