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Dunes of Alkell

Oel sets out to find his brother, but learns that his brother is trapped in the Calamity. The Calamity is a vicious sandstorm that appeared decades before Oel was born, and has never stopped. Only calamity pilots are capable of navigating through the Calamity. Oel tries to find one of the dying breed in Alkell City, a lawless, vicious, and dangerous criminal metropolis. Oel's search leads him to a badass, robot-armed, gunslinging woman called Risky, who's name quite explains her crazy personality. Together, they work to find Oel's brother and discover a sinister plot that caused the appearance of the Calamity and the disappearance of the calamity pilots. [Credit] Alex Azabache for his amazing photography! Check him out! https://instagram.com/AlexAzabache/ The cool font is from Arterfak Project! Sexy designs below! https://creativemarket.com/Arterfak

JAGuppy ยท Sci-fi
Not enough ratings