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I'll Risk It

[PAUSED DUE TO SCHOOL] "Hey Addie, you okay?" he asks, closing the door behind him. "Yeah, I'm fine," I say letting out tired sigh, still staring at the ceiling. "Right, and I'm The Rock," he said sarcastically as he sat next to me. "Wow, you know me too well," I said sitting up and facing him. ... "Why do yo do all this for me? Why do-" he cuts me off but this time, not with words. With a kiss. ********************************************************************* Addison Cola Reynolds, your average teen. Trying to find herself and keep her heart intact in the process. Incredibly selfless and wise beyond her age. Simple, humble and ambassador at her school. She's known the school's playboy since childhood but never been good friends. When her heart is broken once more, he becomes incredibly sweet and Addison is forced to look at him in a different light. Her life crumbles and he helps her to piece it back together. Will she hold herself back from giving out her heart again? Or will she risk it? ************************************************************* Story available on Wattpad. Hope you enjoy!

Shannara_27 · Teen
Not enough ratings


Institute of Economists is a renowned brand covering up the world, after all who wouldn't want a group of professionals ensuring every hierarchy from rich to poor gets food to eat, shelter to live and.... Trust to give. Trust was the most important thing the Institute thrived on as that gave them the advantage to be on the good side of the Government. Students aspiring for a place in the Institute have to go through Three levels of written exam including three years Ecoship with any registered firm under IOE. Emmy Fernandes never had any interest of undergoing training in this popular institute which had gathered views and subscribers more than actual celebrities of the world. Yet she finds herself in THE FIRM which brings out the worst and impossible of her. She decided to enter this firm in order to find answers as to where did her friend disappear to, because the last anyone saw of her was when she was working Ecoship under this Firm. As easy as she hoped for her work to go, it wasn't. If this Firm was doing its best to torture her, there was no saying of this client, Kyng Rollins who specifically asked only for her to attend to his needs. Apart from the fact the man actually was named 'King' was a controversial subject altogether. Did he know of her being related to the country's biggest conglomerate? She prayed not. Because what the Institute of Economists hated the most was Lies. And she was lying to them ever since the beginning. If she wanted to get to the root of this massive structure, she will have to keep this man happy even if that meant she was making her Boss's son unhappy. Author: Greetings readers. Thank you for reading the abstract. I hope to meet your expectations for the book. Happy reading!

DJReader1999 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings