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A sickness the likes of which we had never seen had spread throughout my family, subsequently killing them, I was the only survivor... A young giant named Asriel was born into tightly knit family of giants, they lived in the depths of a large forest, they had a simple and quiet life... One night, his sister Meridah had seen a small chunk of meat that had a putrid smell and a black substance covering a portion of it.. she had been curious about it and brought it home, a few days after she had begun coughing, as well as his other family members.. after a while, they begun coughing blood, they knew treatments to many diseases in order to survive in the wild, but they had never heard of a disease like this... weeks of coughing turned into months... then. into seasons.. then I wish it would have become into years.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The gods have forsaken me, so I shall forsake them, I will plot and plan my revenge until I hunt and slay every last one! Like how they did with my family!" And thus, our story begins.. (I'm a complete noob at writing so please tell me of any grammatical errors, ways I could make the book better, and comment ideas and I might just listen to them) —————————————————————————————

I_SAID_NO · Fantasy
Not enough ratings