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The Rise of Elementals

This is a story about Tsuruki Kishiko, a boy who lives in a world of elementals. Elementals are people who have been chosen to wield one or more of the following elements, fire, water, lightning, dark, light, lunar, and blood. These people who are labeled as elementals face strong discrimination and are held by the government and military. A day after Tsuruki's 16th birthday, he faces the challenge of becoming one of these elementals. Tsuruki's future from this point on will be completely rewritten and full of obstacles and hardships. Tsuruki will meet new allies, and face off against strong enemies. How will Tsuruki adapt to his new life? What will Tsuruki have to go up against? Find out by starting at the epilogue, and make sure to read the informative paragraphs! They will make reading the story much more enjoyable.

Aka_chan · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

The warm princess

16moonss · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings