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I am Became Stupid Young Master

Na Lei was a young genius from Sect of Fire, the no.1 sect in the world. he's highly adored and all the other geniuses fell silent at his stregth and his intelligence. until one day, his best friend and his master betrayed him. he thought he was die but his soul wandered. he has second life now. he lived as a rich, arrogant, stupid and fat young master. Na Lei saw his own body "What the fuck! Whats going on with my body?" And suddenly a system sound rang in his head Name : Na Lei Age : 14 yo Strength: 2 intelligence : 1 charisma : 0 skill: null "What the fuck!" Na Lei cursed again. "Why iam become trash human like this ?!"

Proton123 ยท Magical Realism
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