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Aiming to become greatest LoliRavioli eater in the World!

This is a light-hearted parody novel about NEET shut-in boy from modern world who dies and reincarnates into fantasy world. There he will be able to accomplish his dreams like eating floof floof LoliRavioli dishes and finding a tastiest meal. There is also a God who attempts to help him by going to the human restaurants in another body. To his demise, he forgets to give himself much money, and now has to live with others until he can find the main cook to give him best LoliRavioli back. Join him on his way to his dream of becoming the greatest LoliRavioli eater in the world, as he makes connections with others as well as the God who struggles to find best LoliRavioli lolicook too.

Rianolinon_Ravioli ยท Romance
Not enough ratings