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Eternal Song (Renegade Immortal fanfic)

A young boy, Raimon, from earth is left alone in an orphanage after his parents die in a freak car accident. To cope with the crippling loneliness and depression, Raimon turns to music, finding solace only when he is creating music. Having the goal of composing 9 separate songs to encompass all music, at the age of 16 having completed 8 of the 9 songs Raimon is heralded as the greatest musical genius of the 21st century, however he is killed in an untimely manner, by his greatest rival, poisoned to death. Due to his lingering regret, at not finishing his 9 songs, the soul of Raimon is preserved, floating across endless space in a stupor. However, Raimon is given another chance at life, being reincarnated onto a strange continent, apparently named The Immortal Astral Continent, and he sets out on this continent with the sole goal of completing his 9 songs, however Raimon ends up going on a journey to become an incredible cultivator!

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