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Rhythm of Enchantment

Foresee the unforesee. Marky, who has a simple but cool personality is trying to act like nothing is happen. He's totally different among to his friends. Caring, loyal, sweet, silent, yeah but he's also your ideal boyfriend. He's very caring and sweet when in terms of Xyleigh. He's only girl bestfriend. Marky met Xyleigh when they are five years old. They are both attending class in a prominent school. One day, while they are about to take a lunch when something happen and unexpectedly Marky's punch with someone. His life changed since he met Ashton. A bad boy yet handsome and smart. He felt something unordinary for Ashton. Everything changed when Xyleigh, asked for Marky's help to be close to Ashton. A guilt filled Marky's system. He don't want but he don't have a chance. It's Xyleigh, his dearest friend. As a days goes by, Marky's became Xyleigh and Ashton bridges. He also, giving a letters and gifts to Ashton from Xyleigh. He did not perceptible that he's slowly falling in love to Ashton. "Marky, can you please give it to Ashton. He's going to buy me a new shade of lipstick so, I want to give this as a sample." Marky act like nothing he heard. "Hey, are you with me?" Xyleigh said while shaking her hand at Marky. "Stop it, Xy." he said annoyed. "Why?" Xyleigh laughing. "I want to quit." he said with a serious tone. "Quit? For what?" "If you want to give it to Ashton, go give it to him by yourself." his last word before walk out. As the years goes by, Marky initiate to confess his feeling to Ashton. But, what will Ashton felt? Did he accept what Marky said? Sail on my works and you'll find out what happen next. Goodluck! Author's Note: If you are having a bad time, kindly read my story. It might not perfect as what you've expected just still try to surf in and support it. I'll promise that I make this one ideal story for you. Have a nice day and Enjoy reading. Khaap khun (。•̀ᴗ-)✧.

meyannexx · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings