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DxD: Master of Shadows

Alexander Love, a man blessed by both the Gods and cursed by the Devils. Ever since young, he had the penchant for manipulating and lying to get out of trouble. By his junior high days, he was in control of his town's delinquents and mini-gangs. By his college days, he had taken the city for a storm, caused a city-wide riot, and most importantly escaped unharmed. By the time he was an adult, a working adult, he ran for politics and eventually won, good on the surface but the evil below was his as well. This great or equally wicked man, who was now in his dying bed, even in death could not help it but leave with a bang. He took the world as his playground, bought multiple weapons and manpower with his vast wealth, donated them to the countries of lower war power, and caused the World War 3, also known in his world as the "The Great Love", a sarcastic title for a blood bath battle between 30 countries of equal power. But despite all this, after Alexander Love has passed away, the world, instead of going through the endless loop of chaos, broke it. "After chaos, comes peace, the bigger the chaos, the better the peace becomes. If we take all this into account, Alexander Love. You have a terrifying amount of Good Karma, would you like to be reincarnated?" (I finally found a good synopsis! Thank you to my amazing Onii-Chan for smacking me till I got a good one!)

FiragaFiesta · Anime & Comics

Winx Club: Backstory/Bio Rewrites

The Winx have been rewritten along with everything else in the Magix Universe come take a look at their backstories and the lore behind the Magix Universe.

KoharuofSora1 · others
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