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Nirvana sect master system

As the sole survivor of the entire town, Ace had lost all sense of direction in life until he awakened the Nirvana Sect system after being through a near-death experience. But this made him question the situation, why did the system choose me? Having created his sect and established a place he can call home, he once again questioned himself, why did the system give me this? Having fallen and risen, all he wanted to was find the answers to life and most importantly, the origin of the system which shouldn't have existed. With the path to the apex being full of thorns, the loss of his disciples is almost a must. "I'm sorry...if only I didn't make this decision." "I'm sorry...if only I wasn't this reckless." "I'm sorry...if only I wasn't this weak." Nails digging into his palm, ground dyed scarlet by blood. Tears streaked down his face, muffled by the merciless rain... What was his decision and why would all the mysteries revolve around him? Read on to join the mc's journey in seeking those answers and enjoy a fulfilling reading session. Tags: Xianxia, sect building, system development, romance, harem (TBC), action, fast-paced, Male lead, cultivation, original, elemental laws Note: Elemental laws or any other intents or laws such as time, space and chaos etc, are all my comprehension and judgements towards them, if you have any other opinions, feel free to share them for a discussion as well. Release rate: 3 chapters/week (Slowed for now due to exams until mid-November, please understand) Volume 1: Chapter 1 to chapter 79 Volume 2: In progress Past chapters are being further edited for minor mistakes, current progress: Chapter 1~20 Note: Usual release rate is 7 chapters/week minimum, slowed down due to the author having exams at the moment. The image does not belong to me, if the creator of the artwork wants me to remove the cover, please let me know.

Nightingale367 · Fantasy

Modern Day GOD

Ling Fei Akan bertarung meskipun dua dunia akankah dia bisa mengungkap rahasia keduanya? Setelah kecelakaan, ia terbangun di alam kultivasi mistis. Tetapi ketika bumi memanggilnya kembali, dia memiliki kesempatan untuk menghidupkan kembali hidupnya di bumi. Apa yang akan dia lakukan dengan kesempatan kedua ini?

Yue_xixi · Bela Diri
Not enough ratings

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Linlin_5843 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Alderamin on the Sky rewritten

Have you read Alderamin on the sky? Have you watched Alderamin on the sky? If you have, do you know why Alderamin on the sky's anime ended with only one season? Well, without spoiling for you. I will rewrite it, to become the story it was always meant to be. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover, I only slightly adjusted it. I do not own the original idea of the novel, if you want to go read the original please feel free to.

yoloswagftw · War&Military
Not enough ratings

A woman should know when to GIVE UP

What If one day the one who desperately clinging to you suddenly gone. What if one day she turned into a broken doll. What if one day that person who tried to use everything to make you look at her way suddenly lost interest in you? giving up on everything and just go down the path where people avoid? There is one person did so. She is Eve Morgan. Go back in time to rewrite her destiny. She petrify her heart and killed her emotions.

Chae_Yenn · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings