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The First DemiGod

Koa Alvin is a bastard son from the city of Axefall. He was treated very poorly. He wanted to become stronger in a world where the strong thrive. Koa was sent in to his first battle where he died. He met someone allowing him to return but more than what he once was. Follow Koa as he becomes something else within the world of Desolaverunt. This is the Discord sever that I will be using: https://discord.gg/UBwXv3K7Mf Send a message at me if you see a mistake that you think will needed to be fixed. This is my first book so I don't mind criticism but make it where it will allow me to learn from my mistakes. By no means am I a amazing book writer that makes no mistakes, English is my first language and I still suck at it. Each chapter will consist of a thousand words so, don't imagine long chapters. This will allow me to post at least once a week. The post day will be Sunday morning. If more people want chapters I will try to post more on Wednesdays of the week but it will depend on you guys.

Koakiki_2000 ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings