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See, You Are In A Different World [DEMO]

As our world slowly fell into darkness, different people from different generations were brought back to life to save the lives of many people and restore us from the dark ages in the 21st Century. A Roman was brought back to life alongside his Guardian Angel to save the world and one fruit, would change their lives forever and the world's fate. A/N: Hello everyone, this is just a demo book. I've noticed that the original has locked a lot of chapters very early, I tried to ask the staff for help but it seems there's no solution, I decided to make a demo version of the book, mainly half of Volume 1 (50 chapters in total) so that everyone can read and understand the book. I have also decided to do some editing so you can buy the full volume 1 on Amazon and you can skip part 1 and go to the New Western Power Saga. I hope you guys understand and have a good day!

Pine_Pro · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

No Title

Warning: Mature content; Rated SPG This is a story— a reverse harem— where four boys are deeply in love with our protagonist. But what’s this? Our protagonist has a secret that can make or break everything? Join me and find out what’s that secret and how would the relationship of our characters progress once unraveled. Will they give up and became distant? Or will they pursue our protagonist ‘til the end?

CipherChelle · Teen
Not enough ratings