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My ineffable lover?

My ineffable lover?

warning: don’t expect the best, but expect it to gradually get better!! bear with meeee expect sensitive topics to be touched on. ineffable meaning: incapable of being expressed through words ‘My ineffable lover’ is about a young girl, whose frankly never had it easy since being born. Being kicked out at 17 just adds to the list of hardships. Having to “grow up” since before knowing how to properly read, she knows how to find an efficient place to live. After choosing a cheap place to live, she starts to notice things change little by little. She starts to notice that she’s getting a little bit more unwanted attention. Is it because she’s being more of herself and choosing what she wants? After meeting a few of the most charming...well the only people she’s actually got along with well, do things change and lighten up? Or will it all crash back down on her, once again? Who is this mysterious soon to be lover? 'The most ineffable is who caught my attention.' credit: pictures used are not mine. As of now, I have it set to short stories. I’m not quite sure how long it’ll be. Also if this somehow is read, don’t expect me to update every second, I’ll update frequently when I can, I have other things to do as well!! I hope you enjoy it! no copyright infringement intended.

niachan · Teen
Not enough ratings