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The Tale Of Hinami

Some Psychopaths Scientist invented a project name "001" and the project they invented can make the world's into chaos and she's no other than SAKURA JHAZARA OKINAWA Who am I? I just want to know who I am where I am,what truly am I and what I exist for at all. I want to know what is name "me"

HaraJ · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings


Finding my family's killer and taking revenge was all I ever wanted until I met him.

Emily_Doss · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Finding Love in the World of Masks

Landon downey is a big hot shot billionaire with a single relationship status and Playboy personality . But on other hand Lissa is a inteligent , hardworking and struggling designer but a heartbreak Changed everything in her life . one night stand with the famous playboy and the unexpected pregnancy is this a mistake or a Interwined fate. The two persons who are like opposite ends of river are connected by souls . will that one night will change everything in their life.

shivani_bachheti · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings