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THe Villain

SANTIAGO VITIELLO is beyond redemption. A Hunter. A Monster. And a villain.  Or a Hades in an Italian suit.  A Hunter who sets his sight on irresistible prey.  A Monster ready to stake his claim & drag the beauty to the cave.  A Villain thriving in the dark, waiting for the right moment to attack. He has a goal -- to kill the man who destroyed him. Made him the monster and the Villain of his own story.  Now he is out for retribution.  A wedding is sacred and stealing a bride sacrilegious.  Persephone Marino's father Alessandro Marino, gave shelter to SANTIAGO'S enemy.  Too bad the wicked Santiago kidnapped the sweet Persephone from her wedding.  But little did he know the stolen bride will end up becoming his biggest and maddest obsession.  And too bad this Persephone will not submit to her captor Hades.  ____ Persephone always knew her marriage would be arranged and out of her hands, but when she got stolen on her wedding day she finds herself falling into a nightmare.  The dangerous yet intriguing captor called the Villian is messing up with her system.  He is hell-bent on breaking her but how can you break someone who is already broken beyond repair.  Her first love-- the man she loved once was killed before her eyes for loving her but little did she realized that the love she thought died was in front of her, years later as THE VILLIAN.  [Not Everyone's First Love comes with a Marriage Proposal when years after they meet. Some ends up becoming the Villian itself. The first love is not always sweet, fluffy and dreamy, it can be raw, messy and painful as SAINTIAGO'S AND PERSEPHONE'S.] A STEAMY LUSTY TALE OF TWO MISUNDERSTOOD PEOPLE WHO FOUND THEIR RIGHTS BUT TOO BAD AT THE WRONG TIME. AGAIN.  [Now the question is why none of them recognize each other? Does Santiago know his Persephone is the same woman he had stolen? Will Persephone recognize Santiago as the man she thought died once because of her? Or fate is playing another game again? ]  Extra Info: 1. Persephone and Santiago do not recognize each other. Yes, they both remember they loved someone once in a very twisted situation. But Years later, when they are again in front of each other they do not recognize each other.  2. Santiago is a Villain of his and everyone else's story. He is an anti-hero. He does things that are morally questioned. But have you ever wondered what made him the man she is today?  3. Santiago kidnapped Persephone because he wants the man who destroyed him and her father gave the shelter to his enemy. So he demands the man in return for Persephone.  4. There is no rape. Again NO Rape. Yes, the hero opps Villain is an asshole but will not stoop low to rape a woman. He is morally questioned but not immoral.  5. Only read this book if you can read the content. The violence, the sex scenes, and the assholery of the villain but again NO Rape.  And if you have read My Zhenyi, remember Persephone is the opposite of Zhenyi. But she is not weak, if there is one thing common between the two it's their pride, they will never submit, will die trying but never give in before the assholes.  [the picture doesn't belong to me. of the original owner ask me to remove it. I will. ]

tanu_sam · Contemporary Romance