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Overlord: Supremacy of the Fallen

Five years ago, Suzuki Satoru lost everything. Banished back to his home world and stripped of his powers, he ekes out a meager existence in the bleak society of the 22nd Century. However, a fateful turn of events leads the exiled Overlord on a path to reclaim all that was lost..... One hundred years have passed since the "Great Vanquishing," and the people of the New World live in a time of relative peace and stability. However, tendrils of darkness encroach upon the kingdoms of man as the remnants of an ancient evil begin to stir. Will the Legend of Ainz Ooal Gown stay forever Fallen? Or will it rise again, to spread the shadow of Nazarick across the New World once more?

Protagonist_M ยท Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings