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"KITTY KITTY - The future that never was" is an action driven adult science-fiction action-driven book series borrowing from different sub-genres such as space opera, space western, cassette futurism and cyberpunk. KITTY KITTY has a unique and deeply retro universe. Because, in this uchronia, the Soviets planted the Red Flag on the Moon in 1949. Since then, mankind has relentlessly pushed its colonies to the ends of the solar system. It devotes all its scientific and industrial resources to it. This means that, during the events of "KITTY KITTY - The future that never was", its cultural codes seem frozen in some alternative 1980s. Floppy disks are kings and David Hasselhoff is the ultimate galactic superstar; Robots do all the work and the packs of cigarettes are cheaper than ever! Yet, life is hard. As humanity is expanding trough the Kuiper Belt and the New Worlds, the overly consumerist society is slowly collapsing because of the never-ending corpo-wars and the blatant technocratic corruption. In this merciless cosmos survives Lee, the space Maine Coon, despite his ready tongue and his sassy feline comments giving him nothing but troubles. Fortunately, he goes along with "his" sapiens and partner : Ali, a violent and cheeky young woman who only swears by her Desert Eagle .50 and her oversized soda cups. Aboard their mythical ship, the Kitty, this duo of bounty hunters travels trough the faithless and lawless void, staging a succession of disasters and Betamax binge watching. So… what are you waiting for? Dive into this strange future of punks cyborgs and flying shiny Chryslers! Bloody, irreverent but always hilarious, "KITTY KITTY - The future that was never was" will allow you no respite. Take a deep breath, and BACK TO BUSINESS! Visit my website for more info: raffouxrossi.com or follow me on Instagram!

Quentin_Raffoux · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Gun Noir: 1963

Set in a retro-futuristic 60’s Los Angeles, Daniel has Been betrayed by his former friend Darko and now after 3 years after the betrayal, Daniel wants revenge, looking at every corner for him in the city, but soon more trouble will get on his way of vengeance.

VintageToons · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Are "Friends" Electric?

Imagine this. You're living on an Earth-like world named Peiriant, machines are everywhere, humans are a minority, time is messed up beyond repair, and everything looks all retro. Sounds like a dystopian dream, right? Well it is the reality for Gary, one of the human residents of Cybrion, the capital of Peiriant, the trouble for him is that Telekon, a robotics corporation that he works for, is full to the brim of insurgents trying to rid the planet of human life. He is Telekon's biggest help and enemy at the same time as he attempts to get rid of the insurgents and their control of the machines of Peiriant. The war for control of the planet that is about to take place puts a whole new meaning on the phrase: Man versus machine.

Teos · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings