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"Let's start then." He took her hand in his, interlinking her fingers and dragged her with him, all the while looking at her face. She noticed that and was looking straight ahead. "Look ahead. Or you'll trip." Not a second later, Ella's leg gave away when came across something and was about to fall flat on her face, when Roy clutched her stomach from the back lifting up in the process. Now he had her lifted closer to him, her back touching his chest, her mouth slightly open expecting the fall to be hard, her legs were in the air; he said in her ears, "Like this?" "Let go of me." She gritted her teeth when she understood he did it purposely. He was always like that. To teach her he would go to extent of putting her in danger only to save her later. --- Legacies go way back. They are lost to the world now, but not gone completely. It wasn't chosen for Ella to be a part of it, but it was her inheritance. Drowning and dragging her along leading to an inescapable choice. The lives of the top are equally miserable with the lives of the low, which he understood very well. Then won't it be better to play on the top than stay low... Two different lives belonging to different phases come together in this nasty game of power and pleasure that it's too true to be ignored. --- Life is lived for common goals of having a job, car and home. That is what Ella wanted too, a stable life without much complications, but will her identity and position let her live such common goals? Specially when the person who was supposed to be her knight was actually hunting her.

deep_ty1999 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings