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Tragedy Awaits

"Even when tough times occur, the love that we share will never fade away." **** Set in the year 2040 in Raleigh, the story is told in a non-linear interview style (though it will feature a song and a speech), focusing on various people who had experienced many tragedies throughout their lifetime. With stories that are enticed with deception, personal struggles, occultism, and a deep sense of fear, each citizen has gathered around in a restaurant called Harvest 18 to tell stories about their past and how it affected them in different ways. Dr. Bridges, a psychiatrist from Michigan, sets up counseling at Harvest 18 for patients that dealt with tragedies that affected them. Warm, helpful, and inviting, he offers great advice to patients on how to be resilient in difficult times. The series will be served as a prequel to the apocalyptic series 2049 which takes place nine years where a final battle for the end of the world will be staged. Tragedy Awaits is a psychological tragedy that is told in an interview style. Tackling dark social issues, its story revolves around the theme of resilience, which encompasses many different scenarios that each person had been through (i.e. family loss, paranoia, stress). Sequel: 2049 Crossover: Codename Ultimate Shared Universe: Lonely (alternate story), Corona Force (alternate story) Content Rating: 16+ (violence, mature themes)

Rayshawn_Butler ยท Realistic Fiction
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