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My beautiful lady(cat)

In loving memory; To my love,...my beautiful lady(cat). What a wonderful lady you are, what an enchantress you are, yes,- you are!(yes....you are T.T) "Your luminent eyes colored my world, your quivering paws thawed my mind...The fading silhouette of your forever regal gesture,..was daunted by the echoes of your vibrant meows..I still recall the jubilance you showed,(such innocence)...as you prounced around the habitat, unfeterred. Your lackadaisical loving attitude only fermented our love,..such a precious. My only regret was my inability to tell you,..as much as I had wanted, how much you meant to us...You will live on forever precious..yes,-you will..Don't worry,..I'll be with you".- Damaris03

Damaris_03 ยท Historical Romance
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