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Ms.Espresso Bitter but Sweet after Kiss

Shu Fei Fei, owner of Shu Cafei. Her passion over coffee and baking and cooking is precious than anything in her life. Seeing other people enjoy her food and coffee comforts her life a lot. Until one night, Fei Fei after check out her Cafe before going back home spot something on the corner table. It's look like someone had lost their at her shop. It's seem Shu Fei Fei love life had come from that moment without her realises. Zhang Zi Wen, the only heir of Zhang Group the biggest company in City A. Being rumours as the most mysterious, stay low key and cold blood man when doing his business. 'Where Ruby? and why you got Ruby phone with you? Who are you? Are a thief?

F3n3 · Romance
Not enough ratings

The Heir's Choice

STORY REMOVED for self-publishing on another platform Check out my books on the Goodnovel app on my profile: MZMauve

mzxzy · Teen
Not enough ratings

Novel: The Lie

What happens when you lie? You most likely get caught or something. Well that's one of Olivia Brown's biggest worries. She doesn't want to get caught. What if this lie just so happens to change her life for the better or for the worst? What happens when her friends get roped into it? Will they help her, will they give up and call her crazy for doing this or, will they give up on being her friend entirely? What if she's forced to give up? What if the truth gets out..? These are some of the biggest fears that Olivia has. How will she cope with going along with this lie, her studies, almost losing friends left and right, being bullied, and dealing with family? Will she fall apart from one little lie or will she be standing tall as the victor in the end?

Cloudy_Stars · Teen
Not enough ratings