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Playboy And Playgirl Married

ketika playgirl Dan playboy menikah apa yang akan terjadi? Bagaimana kisahnya? saksikan disini!

Rhadyla_3125 · Teen
Not enough ratings


Each of person have their own dreams about their marriage. Who didn't happy when we got married with our own love, our real destiny that we will be together until gray. But unfortunately not to Kimberly Lancer who's got being forced by married her own best friend since childhood, Jason Statham. Why they got married? It's just because of Jason's condition? Kimberly Lancer, a girl who's don't interested about love after been dumped by his ex, Eric Hilliard, a playboy. Jason Statham, a boy who's already in love with Kimberly since they kid but what happened to their feelings after another person started messing their relationship? Did their marriage got still last long? Did they can accept each other condition? "We never be perfect. That's why gender existed in two. Girl and Boy. When they got together, they will learn how to be perfect by helping each other."

basementerz · Teen
Not enough ratings


Katniss Jane Blake is just a 16 year old high school girl living a simple yet complicated life. She intends to spend her summer with her dad to escape the current horrors of her life but is unaware of what awaits her in Scotthe Hills and how her life will be turned upside down when she meets the rude boy, Aiden. Inside beats all stereotypes, gives you a look on the inside life of a teenager. It's not all fun and party, it is complicated, teenagers are depressed and true love doesn't exist, at least not for all. Life is not even close to being fair. It is one hell of a roller coaster ride. [ONGOING]

imaginingaddict_ · Teen

The Girl Who Cried For the Wolf

"Everyone knows the story..Of how a stupid boy cried wolf one too many times. But give him some credit. The wolf, who doesn't make you cry.. The wolf, who saved you.. He's claimed you. But all things considered he's still a killer & like all wolves he's obsessive & possessive. Wanted by police & crazy intelligent, they haven't got a face to match his name because of it. Cullen Wolfgang, aged 22, by the way. Little Red Riding Hood taught us that wolves are dangerous & of course it's true. Can the girl really survive his way of life & his violence." _________________________________________ Warning: Mature Content _________________________________________ Cast: • Gioyanna Henderson • Cole Sprouse as Cullen Wolfgang • Dylan Sprouse as Kollin Wolfgang • Zendaya Coleman as Aria Lopez • Josh Hutcherson as Tyler McKenzie • KJ Apa as Ryan Louis • Ross Lynch as Kenny Bowman • Taylor Lautner as Morgan Slavvmen • Cara Delevingne as Lola Coleman • Hennessey Carolina as Starr McCormick • Kristen Stewart as Abigail Victious • Sota Fukushi as Rumi Ibuka • China Anne McClain as Alice Mew'loi

KiaYanna · Teen
Not enough ratings