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I am the Universe

When I opened my consciousness, my whole being filled the whole universe itself. It was coiling under my hands. Existence as fragile as slipping sand. Its like painting, writing a book, or just making a video game, but easier. I am the cause and effect because I create the trillions of organism as they rise to power. One in three planets have life? Sounds interesting. The spiritual plane? Interesting. Reincarnation? Maybe. Everything was a creation of my imagination because it only took a though to create. Deities and guardians are little puppets under my fingers. Trillions arise within my hands like little sand grains. Magic and technology are at war, and I can see the little sparkles around space exploding. Magic systems yeah its all created within my mind space. Characters. How traumatized they are but yet I love how they grow with more power and different ambitions. This world is so rich thanks to them. Oh, there is an evil character, how interesting. This universe makes me feel like going inside of it and saying hello. Wait I can do that! ''Who are you!" ''I am the universe the father of your fathers!" I exclaim, as my eyes can crack the delicate spirits and my mouth can eat galaxies. This magical book is just the very beginning because there is much more within this universe. Join us to feel what is like to be the universe itself!

Sailors_Den ยท Fantasy