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Reincarnated As A Cheat Ditto In Pokemon

I'm Lawrence, your normal high school boy, my only way of entertaining myself is by watching anime, reading manga, and by playing Pokemon. My personality is Kind, Troublesome, A joker, A show-off and a copier. well let me give you an example, In school I'm always a show-off, a liar, I lie just to impress the people in the class I even do tricks to my teacher just to show off.....hmmm.... like for example. I lie to my little brothers that I beat a group of gangsters but in truth, I gave them all my money to escape and I'm scared shit in them. In school, I try to copy the personality that is a cold and cool guy but the reality is different than what I thought. I'm a show-off and I will show the world how magnificent I am I will turn into rayquaza in the city and cause an uproar I will show them the power, I'll turn into mega rayquaza and show-off again, I'll turn into a pidgey and use Z move and show-off in peoples well enough chatting just read it, I'm sure you will like my show off personality!

Lawrence_Ponce ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings