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Till the last rain fall

Till the last rain fall

6 years ago HE,  Ethan Lu lost the one and only woman in his life! She was his everything! He and she grew up in an orphanage together! Fall in love with each other and eventually when ethan reach the right age he moved out with her! Ethan Lu was a serious and cold man but when it comes to her.. He was mischievous and pervert!  Ethan Lu is a man of his words! And is very handsome. He did everything for her! Entered a multiple jobs just so he could support her school expences. As her graduation is nearly coming he prepared a special gift for her only to be greated with a news that she was missing and no where to be found! His world crashed! And he closed his heart. Focusing only on finding her! But after searching for so long she is still no where to be seen and not even a single clue is left behind! Ethan Lu realized that he cant live a normal life just as he wish to be! He needs money! To find her and to make every one who is  responsible for making his beloved gone! No matter what happens he will find her! Dead! Or alive! But amids his finding she meet her, Sandra Chen! Because he had been longing for his long lost love,  he find sandra just like her! But no! She has been long gone! But no matter how much he suppress himself he cant help but to fall for sandra!  The mysterious girl who entered his life!  Without him even knowing how she had entered his already stone cold heart. ---- When he realized that he had already moved on,  He discovered Something about the past! And a secret unfold right before his eyes! Will love be enough to forgive?.... --- Hai readers! Thank you so much for checking this out . i'd be very happy if you point out all my mistakes! Please guide me and bear with me! Thank you. *summersmile... *i cannot update my cover* (sob sob)

norSanie23 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings