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Game of Gem

Being a Heartless, Ruthless, and a Cruel person is hard. Living in the world without heart and without a shoulder on your side is the most unwanted of every person. Sometimes you will think. Why do i need to suffer like this? Because you are living with your past--- living with you dark past. You Can't accept the fact the scene that always covering your heart, mind, and also your Soul. Crystal Jane Gem--- 17 years old living on the past. Still Craving for Revenge. And because of a Certain Reason she become like this. And Start a Game that will give her life a difficulties, Sins, Suffer and Blood. But what if Important person came? Would she 'Stop or She will Still Continue What she on started? Anna Micrisse Gretchen? and Dylan Kai Ford?What will be they're position at Crystal's Life?

Five_S ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings