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Beautiful Italy, the perfect place for a honeymoon... right? Destiny joins the tour group held by Bianca. But she isnt the only one. With serial killer Kore hidden amongst them, and finally a dead body, how will Destiny and Bianca escape. Detective Chiara Caruso, Constantine and Journalist Antonio, are hot on the trail....or are they? Is she Kore? Who's real and who is the imposter...? How do you run from someone you can't see?

_hestia_ · Contemporary Romance

Monster's Master

Vladimir Qael Silvestri. A lenient intrepid handsome man who is luxuriating in the comfort of his lair. Beware of the man you can't easily tame --- yes ! He's knotty to deal with for he's a hard nut to crack ! But, there's this lady named Caileen Zheia Smith, her angelic flawless beauty captivated not just his attention but also his heart --- it may be ludicrous but, she's the apple of his eye ! Somehow, she's the modern version of Aphrodite who has an extraordinary beauty that arouses great admiration --- a perfect woman in all essence ! And to him, she looked like a million dollars !

MademoiselleNheir · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

NO More

rosescent · Teen
Not enough ratings

When Will?

A busy city ahead of Duffinmay, Will Samantha find the love waiting for her one day?

processingdetails · Teen
Not enough ratings