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The Dangerous Love Zone (Ing)

Azami Furuichi, was robbed at night when he and his younger sister were walking along the sidewalk looking for a new place to live. Previously, one week ago his parents had a plane crash. Relatives who found out that Azami's family was a very wealthy family immediately fought over their parents' inheritance, causing him and his younger sister to lose their place of residence during this time. Juza Chigasaki, the first child of a gangster family disguised as a cafe owner, meets Azami and his younger sister when he meets another group of gangsters. Juza brought Azami to live in his residence and gave a job at the cafe. Juza feels that his life has changed when Azami and his younger sister live at his residence. His heart, which was known to be cold and untouchable, was now beginning to warm and blooming.

DGiunia ยท LGBT+
Not enough ratings