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Hey Boi, I'm Your Soulmate

Hey Boi, I'm Your Soulmate

ORIGINAL STORY | pennoname “Hey…” The seductive woman, Faye Marie, stared at the man in front of her whose laying on the hospital bed while reading a book upside down. “Why aren’t you looking at me? I’m pretty sure you saw me a while ago.” The woman in front of Marcus pouted as she sat on the bed looking, or rather staring at him, intently. Marcus was pretending to read a book, but actually he was listening to the seductive woman who sat beside him. “Marcus…” Faye Marie purred as she teases the gorgeous man, his body stiffened but he still continues to act like he couldn’t see her. Faye Marie laughed at the back of her mind, or rather her soul? Cause technically she’s just a wandering soul right now. She’s been searching for her body in every hospital in the country. But suddenly, her soul was getting weaker and she’s almost fading until she sensed a powerful energy in this area where she’s in. Faye Marie thought it was her body, but who would’ve know it’ll be someone she knew in high school, the genius guy named Marcus Sean West. When she approached him, her soul magically became stronger! But that’s not all---! He can see her!!! Hallelujah! When she finds out that she can’t leave him because she will disappear at any minute. She thought for a second. Desperate as hell, she will stick to him like a gum and won’t leave him even if she dies---! oh wait… she’s literally a soul right now… Picture ain't mine, credits goes to google.

pennoname · Romance
Not enough ratings