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Ingenious superstar:The rebirth of the white lotus

After going through everything like a dog loyal to it's master in the Wang family,Su Li finally saw them got who they were, blood thirst Vampires who only wanted to use her .No did they did not love her, they never did. Not her step sister and not even her mother. The only person who ever cared for her was him but she never gave him any thought because she had to admit she had been brainwashed but now as she stood on the rooftop of her her 'family's' company,livestreaming her suicide that's when it hit her that her life never meant anything to those that meant everything to her. "It really isn't fair is it?" She thought when she finally took a step off the ledge. Her fingers tightly clasped around her phone,the wind hitting her face and quickly drying the tears that were slipping from her eyes. Even the wind didn't want to witness her pain. " I can't wish for life again but if I could go back in time to where I felt like a person to myself then maybe it would all be diff......." Her thoughts couldn't even be completed as she smashed heavily on the painted concrete,her blood slowly slipping out closer and closer to her smashed phone beside her that had stopped livestreaming ,slowly staining the pink bunny ears that drooped from the top of the phone case.Her fingers bloodless due to how tightly she held the phone.

Fictophobia265 ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings