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Unexpected Gift

Unexpected Gift

Xu Mei is a math student, the granddaughter of the Prime Minister, and also a hacker helping the Insurgents in the battle against the Government. Lin Longwei has all one could desire: influence, money, power. He's the young leader of the opposition, and his party is gaining more consent each passing day. One day, she gets in trouble and is sent to her grandfather's enemy. One day, he receives a present and meets a girl in an unexpected way. He is cunning, powerful and charismatic, while she's just a trouble magnet facing new, unknown emotions. WARNING: there are contents not suited for a sensitive audience. *** I do not own the copyright of the cover image. If the artist doesn't want me to use it, they can contact me and I'll take it down.

xiaohai_23 · Sci-fi Romance
Mischievous Smile

Mischievous Smile

"What do you want?,cant you just leave me alone?!Go to those women you pleasured day and night" "Ho ho,jealous much?" "No,I'm not go away!" "I can't grant that my rose" Tara Rose Yue the girl who is calm but playful sets foot into her new school to meet the same person as her. Or is it? Zane Tatsuo Shidesu one of the most popular guy in his school,girls tried many ways to climb into his bed but failed miserably causing their image to shatter.He never smile but always smirks but after he encountered the girl that intrigued him,he felt everything he never felt before. 'She is my only hope,I cannot let go of this opportunity of a lifetime' 'My beautiful Rose,your mine'

Jihyun_sii · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings