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Sanguinem Maledicta

Sanguinem Maledicta

She writhed in her sleep, fighting the images that haunted her. She was fighting, again, against the men that had attacked her home. Then suddenly she was alone, darkness surrounding her. She began walking, trying to see anything - just anything. She could hear her steps echoing. It felt as if she was walking through murky puddles, dragging her feet slowly through the depths to make less noise. And then she heard what sounded like a body hitting the liquid several feet away. Moving closer to investigate, torches lit around her, illuminating the area she was treading. Gasping, she realized she'd been traversing through blood, and the noise she'd heard WAS a body. It was HER body. And then the man who terrorized her appeared, hovering above her still body. He was laughing as he cut into her skin, again and again before he lifted her, slamming his blade through her chest. She cried out as she fell to her knees. Trying to stand, she felt fingers wrapping around her, dragging her down. She struggled to free herself to no avail. She was under the blood, reaching for the surface as she sank further. Screaming into the blood, the last thing she saw was the man's evil, grinning face. She woke up, sitting upright. The room spun as she tried to clear her vision and look around. Frantic, she tried to stand. Beside her she heard someone move to her, speaking softly. "Whoa, whoa, slow down. Take it easy. You're safe, I promise." She stopped panicking and looked towards his voice. It was so calming, yet worried. It made her heart flutter. She blushed at the feeling as her eyes focused on his soft smile and the warm hands that had found their way to hers. 'What is this feeling...'

alphaXomegaXmeow · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings
Journey Of  The Heavenly Prince

Journey Of The Heavenly Prince

Charles Morningstar our handsome all rounded Op prince collapses at six years old and wakes up 10 years later to find out his body was split in half and most of his soul was in a world similar to this while the rest was controlling his body training. His other half goes berserk and he has to track him down. Two weeks after his grand dad throws him out of his palace in his universes heaven to the lowest level.

Maou_Morningstar · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings