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What do you mean I'm a Webnovel Protagonist now!?

What do you mean I'm a Webnovel Protagonist now!?

Now that I have your attention, please do try this book out! “Today will mark a very special day, I will be dominating the claw machines in Akihabara. Watch out loveable soft toys and limited edition models, you’ll all belong to me now. Wait.. is that? I think it is, IT’S THAT DAMN TRUCK AGAIN!” Nan Zhu Jiao is an all-powerful Esper, but after saving too many protagonists from Truck-Kun he inadvertently changes the fate of everyone. What do you mean cultivation? I am already an immortal. What do you mean I need to get stronger? I am already all-powerful. Follow Nan Zhu Jiao as he saves (or not) the worlds he goes to. This novel is a comedy. Update Schedule would be 5 chapters per week, papa needs to work too. papa set up a Ko-Fi Account, if you could help out it'd be great! https://ko-fi.com/frigid_fridge or don't, it's fine. PS works too.

Frigid_Fridge · Fantasy
Thana: The Queen Goddess

Thana: The Queen Goddess

Freya, the Queen Goddess decided to save the human world in a way she only knew. In a snap, the world had changed into a magical place because she blessed the humans with elemental powers; unfortunately caused chaos between the gods, and in Aeonia, the kingdom in the heavens. The Queen Goddess was attacked in her own kingdom that caused her to secretly flee to the human world. Being half dead, half alive, she need to find a way to survive. Weak and barely existing, she had the opportunity when, Thana, a human that possesses one of her greatest gifts; was losing the battle for her life. The Queen masked herself with Thana’s beautiful body, and left no traces of her being the queen. Living as Thana, the Queen have to harvest every magic she needs to go back and retrieve what is hers; her heavenly kingdom. Everything was fine not until the greedy gods pulled off their move to get rid of the Queen’s hope. Another problem aroused when Thana’s brother, Theo, knew in his gut that something was wrong about her. Could it be that discovering the truth would be the end of Theo’s life too? Or the danger of ‘Her Majesty’s?

Andyyy · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings