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Male Reader X Female Various?

I'm a Wattpad writer, so this new site/app is new to me. Still, this is just a request story of the reader with various female characters from Anime/Video games. Not expecting eyes on this book (because I don't have proper experience yet. Besides that, I hope you enjoy whatever is in here.

Final_Arthur · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Unbreakable Vow

You were living your normal life in Hogwarts not until your long time crush--Harry noticed you and somehow that Malfoy kid has the goods on you too. The three of you continue the story with a lot of twists and turns, leaving you with a decision towards the end -- or is there?

BebiWriter · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Is loving suffering? |Chat Noir x reader|

"I've been feeling awkward during these weeks, I'm jealous of you and Kim being so close. Every time we talk about Ladybug I pretend to agree that I still like her, that's, to convince myself that I still like her. I haven't been excited about Ladybug in a while, the way I am by your side. I'm completely in love with you, and I only realize it when I'm about to lose you..." Chat Noir keeps talking, but you stop listening when he says he loves you, a smile grows on your face along with your desire to jump on him and shut him up with a kiss. ^_________^_________^_________^_________^ Warnings: -All rights reserved to Thomas Astruc. -The cover and images belong to the respective creators, I just edited it to look like the story. -Chapters can contain obscenities, if you are not comfortable with this type of content, do not read. +18

Tokyo177 · Teen
Not enough ratings