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Reincarnated Assassin

Killed on his escape from a failed assassination. The protagonist wakes in a fantasy world as the decedent of a powerful noble with a unique magical blessing. It starts light-hearted in the beginning but heavy moments will come. Be warned

ritzylord · Fantasy

The Crown-Less Princess

•"W-what do you mean-" The girl shook her head in disbelief, "I'm a what?!" The spirits of her now fallen fellow villagers all looked down disappointed. Was this seriously who the universe picked to have fight for them? Was this the person that was supposed to avenge them? If the universe decided on her then there must be a reason right? Or else the universe is just straight up insane. No one can do anything other then put their faith in her and try to help her. But in reality we all know... No one believes she can do it. At least not on her own. Not even her.. --- In a world full of magic and endless possibilities, there's been unfortunate events happening in the village of Farstar. But behind all this chaos there is evil controlling the unfortunate events. Aviana is a normal girl living in Farstar, but has abilities beyond her knowledge. In this story you will be accompanying Aviana on her adventure on discovering her true ability and trying to put a stop to all this chaos. Will Aviana be able to stop this evil on her own? Or will she heed help? After all, the universe did choose her... Right?.. And last but not the least, will there be Romance?•

_Xyla_ · Fantasy Romance

If my shoes could speak

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_sinopsis:-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- The story follows Mark, a 16 years old guy who's parents where killed when he was 6. Mark lived a life of near slavery and child abuse during his infancy while working for Pedro, the casino owner responsible for his parents death. Watch as Mark learns to use the power of magic and becomes a after nearly dying. LET'S GET OUR FREEDOM TOGETHER -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- This book has magic, warriors (different system from cultivation novels *wink*) shamans etc... And it has a Mc with COMMON SENSE *murmurs* This book is being written as I go so if there's anything you would like to change I'm willing to accept suggestions, except on this : 1)No harem because I'm getting tired of them 2)Courage is not the same as stupidity 3)My Mc will get afraid at times but he will also overcome some of his fears (not all) 4)He won't kill for necessity or out of boredom only vengeance or when he believes it's the right thing to do but he also won't be a Beta Japanese mc 5)He will be strong (with time) but he won't be the most op guy in the world. 6)If I find a mistake or an action that my Mc did that was so idiotic that I couldn't tell if I was Sober when I wrote it then I might go back and change the plot 7)romance is a option but even if it appears it will just be on the background developing through the narrative of the story... I don't want my story to end like those stories that kill themselves by writing romance or smut scenes This story happens in a world where technology is just a little behind ours, magic exists and so does all the other fantasy mumbo-jumbo. (With a personalized power sistem if you want me to change anything about it later just give me a good enough explanation, why I should) I hope that you may warn me of any mistakes I make during the completion of this work... OK

DNHELO · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Readership of three worlds

a person who loves to read webnovel does not wanted to be a part of one but always was incompetent so when the world turn into a cluster of webnovel that he read . WILL he able to win against the three protagonist that he hated for being so over powered and cool . Will he be able to win against the antagonist . #lets see

DHRUV_patel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings