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In the movie worlds with my system

A normal college student of blue star accidentally obtained a system fragment due to traffic accident while saving his friend he thought he was dead but when he opened his eyes he was in a movie with mission of collecting the system fragments which are in different world's First world: Mummy world Second world: Resident Evil world Third world: ????? i don't own any of the characters except the oc in the novel

lucifer_112 · Movies
264 Chs

The Best Shinobi

A young man who suddenly got reincarnated into the ninja world from his class. He had no idea what happened but now that he was here, he needed to live a new life. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Sealing Jutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, he planned to master all of them. Being reincarnated into a normal clan, it would be extremely hard but he wasn't going to back down. This is the rise of Menma Izuno in the ninja to become the best shinobi. ................... Naruto will follow the same journey with a lot of new changes. Join my discord: https://discord.gg/uxhZZe8KdV Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/EvilParagon

Evil_Paragon · Anime & Comics
78 Chs

An Ancient Saiyan in Marvel

as Noah lay down beside the road, in unbearable agony  He reflected in his final moments. "Finally, it's over, no more suffering, no more pain." "I just hope that if there is a next life, I could live freely." Follow Noah on his journey through Marvel, My Hero Academia, Bleach, and other realities. Please be patient as this is my first time writing and English is not my first language. I own nothing; this is merely a fanfic.

solibus_orba · Movies
40 Chs

Hanma in Isekai World?

A young adult dies for conscious reasons and awakens in an abyss, with a game screen offering him a second chance at life…. And he is transported to another world, without even understanding the reason for his second chance at life and why he was transported here? A chance to be powerful… We see how an ordinary man, who has one of the most broken bloodlines in the anime world, interacts with characters from different Isekai worlds...

Demon_King22 · Anime & Comics
15 Chs

A Dragon's Journey in Danmachi

PLEASE JOIN MY DISCORD AND VOTE ON THE "HAREM OR NOT" POLL! (Link below) One day, Ryuu, a dragonoid with a pure dragon bloodline, is attacked by the notorious group known as the Dragon Hunters. While trying to escape, he discovers a mysterious portal that transports him to an endless white void. Before he can investigate further, he is immediately pinned to the ground by an aura so oppressive that almost torn his body apart... [Who are you, mortal?] --- I created a discord server to show you Ryuu's original art! Here's the link: https://discord.gg/aeTgYGfAcG I also have a patreon if anyone wishes to support my work: patreon.com/user?u=84718495

LunaSkylair · Anime & Comics
62 Chs

The Warg Lord (SI)(GOT)(ASOIAF)

What would you do if you got the chance to be Jon Snow? Would you try and become the best Warg you could? Would you tame some mythical birds? Or Would you go straight for the Kraken? Would you try and establish a shipping Empire? Or Would you steal all kinds of secret recipes to establish a paradise for Blacksmiths in the middle of Winterfell? From the Pirates of Essos to the Wildlings Beyond the Wall, everyone will know that there's a new player in the game /// If you want to read ahead, go to pat reon.com/lazywizard And Check out my other work Sirius Black SI

LazyWizard · Book&Literature
124 Chs

I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System

Our mc meets the *GREAT TRUCK-SAMA* and gets killed while meeting the god assigned to govern his world comes to know that he has been killed 35 years early instead to being killed after 35 years in a plane crash so as a compensation he is granted the choice to reincarnate in any of his favourite anime world and also travel to other anime worlds with a system to his aid.READ as our mc live's his new life to the fullest and nears god-hood. *MC* Ichizu komozi is a 23 years old company employ in an AD company and also a otaku. Our mc is very rational thinking person with an open and calm mind. Our mc is also an orphan so he spend much of his time in anines,novels,etc. *Storyline for first world* Mc choses to be reborn as itachi's twin while being the older one of them. *Anime worlds* First our mc while start in naruto world

Legendary_Person · Anime & Comics
192 Chs

Gol D. Ace In Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon fanfiction – What if, after his death, Portgas D. Ace was reincarnated into the universe of Coiling Dragon? Will Ace be able to rise to the peak of this new world? Find out here! --- Chapter Release Schedule: Webnovel - Thursdays & Sundays Patreon: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday - Patreon.com/AceInCoilingDragon --- WARNING – This IS a FanFiction, so certain elements of the story WILL deviate from the original, like: 1 – There are slight changes to the profound mysteries and weapon comprehension. 2 – The personalities of certain characters. 3 – The actual GOD of this series isn't Hongmeng... --- Average chapter length: Book 1 - 1000-1500 words Book 2 onwards - 1500-2000 words

DreamTales · Anime & Comics
176 Chs