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Exploding Attribute System In Douluo Dalu

Someone from Earth reincarnates into Douluo Dalu 1 as someone from the same village as Tang San, Saint Spirit Village. He awakens a system when aged 3. The system enables him to beat up people and get drops from them. He can beat out mental power, Spirit Power, martial spirits, body defence, body strength, agility and flexibility. Ooh! Look, Tang San dropped Ghost Perplexing Track! ......... Look! I awakened a Black Tiger spirit with innate level 3 spirit power. But not for long. I've got a strong spirit now! Its called Sky Demon Tiger! With This System, I'll be a Title Douluo in on time!...... maybe even a God! ALL CREDITS AND RIGHTS BELONG TO THE AUTHOR: Master Ice Tea (this is the english translation name, I can'tput the chinese name or webnovel will remove power stone function) WARNING! THIS IS A TRANSLATION. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE AUTHOR, IF HE WANTS ME TO TAKE THEM DOWN, PLEASE DO TELL ME! I HAVE AROUND 10 CHAPTERS IN MYPATREON. PLEASE GO THERE AND SUPPORT ME! PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/divindragoncelestialthearch

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