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Slave To A Demon

Saeki Kazuki an angel was sent down to earth to collect the souls of those who has been blessed with God's grace and to safely return them to the Heavens... What happens when he is kidnapped and wakes up in hell?

Itsbribri_okay · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Ancient Tree and the Genius Witch

WARNING: It might get uncomfortable in the later chapters because monster's logic is different from humans... (though there are no vore/gore, I swear to you) The Megallium Forest was filled with dangerous monsters and traps that no adventures below rank A would dare to enter… and even though this was such a dangerous area, the Rank S Adventurer and Genius Witch - Rosethia - frequent this place to harvest rare and unique plants for her research. She breezed through the forest with ease, and feared nothing. Well, until she accidentally woke something up...

onesixzerosixone · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

My Running Nightmare

Renee is imprisoned by a man from her boyfriend’s past. As the years go by, she comes to terms with being his prisoner. But, then one day, she is in an accident and their whole relationship changes. Will she ever see the man she loves again or will she always be a prisoner? This book was put under contract and was reposted here: https://m.webnovel.com/book/my-running-nightmare_18253910105908005?activeTab=reviews&orderBy=1&pageIndex=1

FantasyLover83 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings