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VANILLA: A Lesbian Story

Lauren Brooks is an average student attending,Ocean High School, and her personality is what makes everyone want to be her friend. Except for Dani Hills, a quiet kid who is the class's smartest student, but she doesn't despise Lauren-she just doesn't get why everyone wants her. When Lauren gets jumped by a group of bullies-not only does Dani finds out the truth about her. She finally gets why she's so popular.

lilmamaaisha · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

You Got To Work For It (Itanaru Fan-Fic)

Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha have been dating since high school. Everything was going well. Until Naruto catches him sleeping with Sakura Haruno, also known as the slut of the city. But, Naruto holds a secret. He is pregnant with Sasuke’s child. Naruto runs into the arms into Itachi Uchiha, older brother to Sasuke Uchiha and heir to the Uchiha Corporation. Sasuke tried to explain the situation, but is denied. Follow the story of Naruto and Itachi, the perfect couple. CONTAINS ————————- > A large amount of heavy smut > Violence > VERY mature language > a small amount of rape and mind break > Very sadistic parts ~~ PLEASE DO NOT READ IF ANY OF THIS IS UPSETTING~~

Kiyomi_Mizushima · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings