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Bangtan Love Story

In the eyes of the world, they are top star artist. Korean worldwide known celebrity which known as BTS. But deep down their heart, they still a normal people who fated to fall in love with a girl. Not as written in many fanfics telling that they are some sort of gay. They love each other as friend, brothers and family. The Leader, RM meet unfortunate girl that he never imagine to fall for. The eldest, Jin is so unlucky in his previous love life. The cold guy, Suga is having a big problem in expressing his true feelings. The sunshine, J-Hope always hide his feelings behind his smile mask. The mochi, Jimin is having a heart break and his soul is elsewhere in love. The happiest guy, V is having a big crush on one of his hyung's girl. The maknae, Jungkook is always be a great shoulder to cry on but he hurt deep down inside. But, who are they lucky seven girls that have been chosen from heaven to these seven gorgeous man? How are they going to be a great celebrity in A.R.M.Y's eyes and how can they be great boyfriend at the same time?

jeon_azira · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

cloud ninE

series about my imagination and invention of stories

Joda_Riii · Teen
Not enough ratings