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Entertaining the spinster aunt of his friend's flighty fiancée is a chore for rugged bad-boy Andrew Johnson. Except 'Auntie'__Rose Marti__ is actually a thirty-year-old knockout! Who could blame the footloose bachelor for trying to charm Rosy into bed? Rose's Niece is about to get married __ unless she can stop the wedding. but suddenly Rose is falling in love with Lean, handsome Andrew, and her plans are blown away. still, can this one determined woman tame a wild man like Andrew? Blame it on the heat? Andrew's mouth came down on hers and he continued to kiss her. Rose grew dizzy again, though this time from sheer desire, and not stifling temperature. still, it was probably a hundred degrees inside the car. She didn't know why Andrew had this effect on her, but she was a mass of quivering sexual awareness whenever he looked at her. And touched her. And kissed her in a way that said, 'I'm taking you to bed'... When his hand tangled with her dress hem and connected with a bare thigh, Rose knew she was in trouble. His lips dropped to neck, while his fingers skimmed higher to graze the silk underwear she'd foolishly worn on a hot day. His thumb dipped beneath the elastic and touched.... Rose struggled to sit up in the car. ‘Andrew, we can't do this here....’ Andrew grinned and pulled her close. ‘How about we go back to my house,’ he suggested lazily. ‘I could show you my quilts.’ The expression in his eyes was clear. 'Pure unadulterated lust'

JoannaAngel05 · Romance
What You're Not

What You're Not

She was the girl who has everything until they went Bankrupt. He was the boy who had everything until his family was betrayed. Sai was sold by her family to a ruthless ranch man where she fell in love with the cold face Chrys. A man whose mind is filled with revenge and had no time for love. Could he be Redeem by True LOVE or Destroyed by True LOVE.

Ashamai · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings