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At a time where Egypt was considered the most powerful kingdom, a young Pharaoh and a powerful Monarch gained fame through his victories at war and the ability to maintain peace with the surrounding tribes. The more wars he won, the more consorts were offered to his harem but he never got physically intimate with any one of them. Thousands of his consorts were dying to get a glimpse of the man to whom they were offered but all their efforts were in vain. But the whole story changes when this ruthless Pharaoh Ramses II meets a girl from a rural area of Egypt and falls in love with her at first sight. This lucky girl Nefertari eventually becomes his Great Royal Wife but their happily ever after is shortened by a heart wrenching conspiracy that was sprouted from the jealousy of some powerful consorts. How will this story unfold? Will Ramses and Nefertari be able to overcome the piling hurdles in their relationship or will the rage of Ramses break Nefertari to a point beyond repair? Will their love prevail?

Kiarakent · History
The Pharaoh's Lotus

The Pharaoh's Lotus

Finally, the armies of the Hittites have been subdued, but at a great cost to both sides. Egypt could not take back the fortress city of Kadesh, key to defending their golden land and their vassal states, but in the eyes of the Pharaoh, they won something much greater; peace. After a century of war, it was a much-welcomed outcome for both Egypt and Hattusa. The great Hittite general, Hattusili, offers his daughter, the young princess Malawashina, as a bride for Pharaoh to seal their treaty once and for all. But, is the treaty the only reason he chooses to send his most precious daughter away from their homeland, away from his heart? How will life fare for her in the distant land of Egypt, where she will ultimately be sent into the clutches of Pharaoh's harem? Claws will be hidden beneath the facade of pleasantries and charm. Will the rules set in place to assure harmony within the palace be enough to protect her from the ruthlessness of her fellow wives as they vie for Pharaoh's favour and affections? Within Pharaoh's harem, only one flower can bloom...

Azukiel · Historical Romance
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