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She Loves Her (Tagalog)

Jayveen belongs to a family of four and the eldest of the two girls. She simply wants to be an engineer, and an average way of living won't stop her from achieving such. Life is complicated but I won't quit - a tag she placed on her forehead. Her inspiration, her family, is her strength in moving forward though how rough the road could get. She was dedicated and focused on her goals. Until Toni knocked on her door. This story might be odd for some, but true to many. Unusual? Yes, but real! But to Jayveen Raye, it's a hidden passage in her heart she knew nothing of until one cold night that changed her life forever. Slowly, things have changed without her noticing. As they said, don't talk in periods. Yet, she did. So, when the hidden passage showed Jayveen what whirlwind feeling is, she didn't know how to face it. First, she antipathized it. Next thing she knew, she's falling for it.

emeraldsprints ยท LGBT+
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