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Deleted book!!!

Bandanarai · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings


**A Romance Novel** A man who is admired by all, has his heart set on the one girl who can't say 'yes'. A lovely romance set in English countryside, depicting the complex nature of love, relationships and affection. ‐------------------------------- "You know you are not an ugly man," she was telling him that she knew he was very sure of his striking appearance. "Do I?" "Well, don't you?" she replied rhetorically. "I suppose I do but my charms don't work on you Francesca," she detected a note of regret in his voice. "Why is that of any concern?" "I would have thought It'd be obvious..." he let the sentence hang, he wished it would make her realize something.

sanamirza21 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

Journey Through the Depths

Hugo has had an unfortunate upbringing leading him to mental despair. Growing up as a farm boy he lost his parents to large debt. After it seems all hope is lost, he meets Jariha. She helps him on the farm and keeps him company. However, after an almost too coincidental accident, Hugo is left with nothing but blood on his hands. How will Hugo overcome life’s tribulations, rise to the peak of power, and become a ruling monarch?

Schmeaticus · Fantasy
Not enough ratings