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Garden of Thorns

Pangea has long reconnected and freakish mutant monsters run about. Nuclear waste lands cover majority of the world, and all major city's have fallen. Only a few city's stand. Our Heroine try's to survive in but can only do so much as her family's torture had made her scared to interact with other humans. The only contact she has left to any humans is a mafia gang boss in the biggest cities left in their world of today. He prefers not to interact to much, but trying to find leads to her family so he can remove them for what they have dons. However the more time he spends with her, the more protecive of her he gets. In this world of killer or be the who is killed, see how our Heroine survives in this torturous world.

Alpha_Cat · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Immune

Calyx hates the Immune. They are entitled, wealthy, white-collar gangsters who run the city of Genesis. They flaunt their immunity to disease and environmental hazards that nearly destroyed the human race while everyone else lives in masks and sterilized buildings. Calyx has avoided the Immune her entire life, but one night out with a friend takes a turn for the worse and brings her face to face with a whole pack of them. It’s a matter of do what she’s told or die but her abrasive, moody personality doesn’t help the situation.

CCMitchell · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings