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"Kiss my lips. Please praise me everyday and pet me." In order to survive, prince Seung Wan seduced his father the emperor. The emperor, unable to withstand his coquetries, gets entangled in bed with his son. Nights of depravity goes on until the day Seung Wan cut the emperor's throat and becomes a king killer. "I will fill elder brother's hole up with my seeds. Elder brother, please give birth to my children." He ended up falling to Yi Do's hands, violated by his own younger brother night after night. Author: 서글픈빻빻이/Sad Nibs Title: 불지옥 Support the author by buying the official raws here: https://ridibooks.com/books/2877005906

ThirstSeekers · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

A Marriage That End's In Tragedy

Athan mencintai Rhodes dengan sepenuh hati tapi malah dibalas dengan pengkhianatan dan kebencian.

Ji_Dini · LGBT+
Not enough ratings