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My Hero Academia: The Ajin Gamer

My Hero Academia: The Ajin Gamer

https://discord.gg/zf87PSe join our discord! It's fun talking to haters and people who like my garbage! My grammar considerably improved from my latest novels which I deleted btw. ************************************************** First volume is about Izuku's childhood. It's pretty much about shaping Izuku's and other character's personalities. It's also a relationship development arc. Second Volume will be much more darker with people dying and there would be mature content with 18+ scenes as well. -------------------------------------------------- Cover was drawn by myself. Obviously, I don´t own BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA NOR IT´S CHARACTERS... Well I added some of my own characters to the list. Chapter releases will most of the time be 1 per day when I don´t have any work. Right now I am trying to make 2 per day but I am a soldier. I go on missions and I am not always available. I also have life. Please do understand. ALSO IT IS GENDER BENDER SO PLEASE, REFRAIN FROM SPAMMING ME ABOUT HE,SHE GRAMMAR, CUZ I MAKE SURE THOSE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

AkiHui · Fantasy Romance


In a magical realm where both magic and technology are commonplace, an ordinary commoner boy is born with the power of an Emperor. Support me and my writing at: patreon.com/pxfive

PxFive · Fantasy
Not enough ratings